Romantic wedding decoration

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Sky view of flight landing

Sky view of Flight landing one of the most beautiful airport. Situated in India the state of Kerala  Calicut international Airport please see below attached video

Sky view of flight landing

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The Story of Love

Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true.



Crane operating system video

Crane operating system and material lifting please watch below attached video.

Crane operating system


A Rose Speaks of Love Silently

A Rose speaks of love silently

In the Language Known only

To the heart

You have changed my life

For the better

I am inspired

to be different

when i am with you

A Rose Speaks of Love Silently


Belgium Chocolate

Centuries ago, Belgians took the luxury product their Spanish occupiers brought with them and turned the cultivation of this sweet treat into an art form. Over time, the word combo “Belgian chocolate” has come to signify indulgence of the highest quality, and participating—and sampling to your heart’s content—during these tours will make it abundantly clear why.

Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop By Global Enterprises

Also worthy of a mention in our best guided walking tours list, Global Enterprises’ Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop combines equal parts chocolate indulgence and Belgian gastronomic history. Kicking off at the world’s first Godiva store, established amidst the ancient guild houses of the Grand-Place in the ‘20s, the tour explains how Belgium earned its reputation as the top cultivator of the cocoa-based treat. After learning that the praline was a local Brussels invention—we can thank Jean II Neuhaus and his pharmacist grandpop for it—you’ll get to try one, along with many others at the capital’s most renowned chocolatiers. Next, it’s onwards to the workshop, where you will learn how to make the praline of your dreams, filling and all.